Facebook has become one of the most widely used social networking sites, having an astonishing large and still growing number of users. Facebook has almost 60% of the entire market share of social networking sites. With such rapid growth, it is one of the most lucrative platforms for small businesses to focus their marketing efforts. If you are wondering how to setup a business Facebook account, a guideline is provided for you.

Before starting, you must remember that Facebook is a platform to create relationships with your potential customers, not making direct sales. The whole point of social media marketing is to initiate a communication process with your direct customers, encouraging their feedbacks and insights. It may be easy to create a Facebook business account, but using it properly is very important.

There are two options for business owners to start their Facebook business accounts.  If you don’t have a personal account on Facebook and don’t want to create one either, you can directly create a business page through the Facebook login homepage, you will only be required to select the option “create a Facebook Page” or “create a Facebook Ad.”

However, if you do have a personal account on Facebook which is advisable, you cannot create a separate business account; your account has to be associated with your personal profile. You can create a Facebook business account by signing in through your personal account.

“Create a Page” option can be reached in two ways. First, you can visit an existing page and scroll down to the bottom where the option is available. Second, you can go to your personal homepage and scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Advertising” option. Once the advertising page opens, you can select the “Pages” option and click on the “Create a Page” tab.

Getting Your Account Started

Now you can set up a business Facebook account properly. You may need to go through the following steps to make sure you have completed all essential requirements:

  • Facebook offers six basic business classifications. You should select the one that is well-suited to your business. Although your audience will not be able to view how your business is classified, it will affect your rank in search results.
  • Once you have classified your business, you will need to select a narrower category for your business.
  • After categorizing your business, you will be required to enter your business name, location and other information. You should remember that once you enter and save the information, it cannot be changed later. In case of any mistake, you will have to delete and recreate your page.

Provide Information

Once your account is started, you will need to fill it with information regarding your business. Don’t share your page with people until you have provided all the essential information and completed your page. You will need to do the following before you share your page with public:

  • Upload a photo. Ideally it should be your business logo or a visual representation of your products or services. Also provide the URL of your official business website.
  • In the “About Us” section, provide a basic, brief description of your business; what you do, what are you offering to customers and how you are different from others. Keep this description concise and informative.
  • After providing this basic information, you can select the “Edit Info” option and add further information. This may include your background, contact details, location, operating timings and a more in-depth description and benefits of your company, products and services.
  • You can also keep adding relevant photos and videos from time-to-time on your page.
  • Now that you have provided sufficient information about your business, you can share your page and invite your friends to like your page. You can also start posting updates about your business and any promotions you might be offering at that time.

Make sure that the information you provide on Facebook is in alignment with any other source of information that the customers may access for example, your company website or your business account on other site. Disintegration in information can affect the authenticity of your message. You should manage your social media marketing through all available means vigilantly.

Keep Updated

Once you have shared your Facebook business account, you will have to update your account regularly. Facebook dynamics change rapidly and an out-of-date account will create a more negative impact. You will have to update latest happenings and your current promotions every day.

You can track the performance of your account through Facebook Insights, which provide you with your progress record like the number of “likes” you received in a specific time period. You can also share information from your other social media account or your blogs on your business page.

How to setup a business Facebook account

Facebook can be a powerful and popular media for promotion of small businesses because it has a wide reach globally and it is free of any cost. Using a Facebook account for business can be very beneficial for creating long-term customer relationships and staying connected with them. For small business owners and entrepreneurs, learning how to setup a Facebook business account is a lesson worth investing their time.

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