Run Your Business The Way You Want With A Virtual Phone Service

Just because you have a small business doesn’t mean you have to walk, talk, sound, or even look like a small business.  Your customers want the personalized customer service of a small business, but they don’t want to work with a rinky-dink shop either.

Having a professional image is just as important as any service or product you offer. We all know how important it is to have a good first impression. By enlisting a virtual phone service it is now possible and easily represent your company with a world-class, professional image.  Enabling the auto-attendant to greet callers and route all of your calls, faxes, and voicemails directly to you or your employees will do just that. Not only does this support a professional image, it allows you to stay on top of your business 24 hours a day, everyday, from anywhere in the world.

How Is This Possible? –

Over the past decade, cloud technology has been evolving into its own and taking our ability to store and access information to new levels. RingCentral utilizes cloud-based PBX (private branch exchange) technology to enable users to pilot their own business and personal interactions with just a few clicks or finger taps. RingCentral provides the ability to automatically route calls to your most convenient phone (office, cell, home, Skype, etc.), and stores voicemails so you may remotely access them or simply have them emailed to you, among a handful of other stress reducing features. Having a virtual phone service optimizes your time and productivity by freeing up your time to do what you do best, and not fussing over out-of-touch technology.

I am my own small business and I know that sitting in the office from 9 to 5 waiting on the edge of my seat to pick up a call is laughable. In our fast paced world of technology, clients have come to expect quick responses, fast answers, and reliable communication.  Losing a client can be as simple as one missed phone call.

Virtual phone services link all of your communication tools into one simple network, by creating a web of contact and security. Never again will a phone call go unnoticed or a voicemail lost in space. A virtual phone service ensures that all communication lines remain open even if there are power or phone service snafus. All caller, voicemail, and vital information are secure in a virtual cloud, available to you anytime, anywhere.

There are a few virtual phone services to choose from on the market, but after some serious research, I’ve found the best virtual phone service to be RingCentral.

Why RingCentral? –  

RingCentral is every entrepreneurs dream come true.  For a monthly fee, RingCentral allows business owners to manage a professional communications system from anywhere in the world. Whether you have a company of one, or a vast network of employees, RingCentral offers the solution by keeping you and your employees in constant contact with your clients.

RingCentral is a leader in the virtual business phone service technology. They have been in the business of communication integration since 1999 and are backed by solid Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco.  I am impressed with their business foundation, but it is their Smartphone integration that really caught my attention. RingCentral was the first virtual phone service to enable users to not only maintain constant contact with all of the system’s features, it is also possible to manage those features from your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry phone!

Awesome Features –  

RingCentral offers two service options, an Office package and a Professional package. The two packages are virtually identical, and offer the same streamlined features with the only distinction being whether or not you choose to use RingCentral equipment. The RingCentral Professional plan allows you to utilize your current phone equipment at a slightly lower rate. The RingCentral Office plan on the other hand, offers the complete package by shipping pre-configured office phones right to you.

What I love, and plenty of fellow reviewers agree, that RingCentral delivers on exactly what they promise, and that absolutely all of their services are provided as a standard, no matter which service plan you select. Pricing is pretty straightforward and has notoriously simple setup and integration (the Office package specifically).

  • Outlook Integrated & Smartphone Enabled – Even if you’re not in the business of technology, your business has to be into technology. RingCentral is on top of it! Sync your Outlook account to ensure you have all of your contacts at all times. Download the free RingCentral app on your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry to virtually manage your small business phone service while you’re mobile. Simply open the app to easily route your cell calls to your office, check on missed calls on any of your phones, update your voicemail, check and send faxes, and more. The main application screen for the iPhone is so easy to navigate.
  • Meet The New Receptionist – Auto-receptionist automatically identifies callers, answers and directs your customer to the appropriate phone number and location you’ve determined in your preset.  Establish a unique phone number such as 480-555-CALL, and enable the dial-by-name directory to streamline all of your calls directly to the correct employee. From there, the call can be further routed to ring at the office, cell, home phone, or web video chat…or all of them if you’d like.
  • You Will Never Miss A Thing – Every incoming and outgoing call, voicemail, and fax is meticulously logged and saved in the RingCentral cloud-based PBX.  This allows you to pull reports to track employee contact response time or the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.
  • There is an ultra handy option to record your calls just in case you’re out of office and aren’t able to take down notes, or need to cover your butt with a particularly difficult client. If you know you’ll be out of reach and anticipate an important call, simply re-route your calls to your assistant to keep business running as usual.
  • Maintain A Professional Image – The cloud-based PBX features virtually eliminate the chance you or an employee pick up a fumbled, ill-prepared cal. The first point of contact is always via the auto-receptionist, followed by your preferred hold music as you prepare for, or defer the call. Normally, services such as these are so expensive that they are simply out of the question. Your clients will be impressed!
  • Separate Your Business Time From Your Personal Time – Entrepreneurs notoriously work outside normal business hours. Without at least a vague distinction between professional and personal time, anybodies quality of life quickly diminishes. RingCentral aids you in being able to segment your valuable time. For example, you may automatically route business calls away from your cell phone every Sunday afternoon for lazy couch and family time. The unique caller ID feature will present the incoming call complete with the usual caller information, the fully integrated Outlook contact information, and what number the caller originally dialed. This is a fantastic feature incase you forget to re-reroute client calls while out on the town.
  • All The Bases Covered – RingCentral provides all of the business essentials you would normally get with local phone company service. You can register a new phone number or even port over your old one. All faxes are received digitally as if they were scanned to you.
  • Ultra Customizable – With RingCentral you are able to configure your tele-network down to the tiniest detail, however you’d like and as often as you’d like. Create different automatic greetings depending on which phone number your client calls, and then have the call directed to your office phone or your cell, perhaps?  This all can be directed just once upon setup, or as often as you leave the office for lunch or a meeting. The new Smartphone apps allow you to make all of the necessary changes from wherever you are. With all of the possible features available with RingCentral, the scenarios are endless.

Definitely Affordable –  

When it comes to pricing, RingCentral scores high marks and is definitely one of the best virtual phone service for small business. Though RingCentral’s closest virtual phone service competitors can be slightly less expensive, depending on the amount of users you’ll need and minute plans, RingCentral can certainly come out on top.  Weighing all the options available is a bit confusing so I’d recommend just giving their sales department a call. I’d like to note that there are a few service plans offered without a contract and billed on a month-to-month basis, but there are few requiring contracts so be sure to ask. Beware of international rates and minute overages.

They Are Willing To Work Out The Kinks –

Hey, nothing is perfect.

Though there aren’t many negative reviews, the greater parts of those have cited issues with the Professional plan. I found multiple reviews saying that the setup of existing phone equipment is extremely difficult and RingCentral does not offer support on this issue. I dug a bit deeper and found that recently, RingCentral has added support to aid in the configuring of your own VoIP phones. In my opinion this is actually a big “Pro” for the company. They clearly addressed an issue and actually implemented the necessary changes.

Nearly all of the app reviews are extremely positive, and has a 4 star rating. Users cheer that it’s extremely easy to navigate and meets all of the most vital needs for their RingCentral service.

In Short: Ring Central Is A Small Business Owner’s Dream Come True:

They are #1 in Virtual Phone Service

A Review of Patriot PAY Online Payroll Software

Compensation packages can often get a bit complex, with a number of additions and deductions that need to be carried out every month. Are you a small business owner, with just a few employees, finding it difficult to manage their payroll all on your own? Then the easiest solution for you is to make use of any one of the many available online payroll programs for small business owners.

For those looking to get low-cost online payroll services for small business use, Patriot PAY online payroll software can prove to be a useful tool for managing their employee payrolls. It provides small business owners with one of the fastest and most convenient online payroll processing systems in the US at highly reasonable prices, reducing your operating costs to a great extent.

For entrepreneurs who want to learn more about this software, provided below is an in-depth review of Patriot Pay online payroll software. You can go through it and then decide for yourself if it is the right solution to your payroll management problem.

Patriot Software

Online Payroll Software starts at just $10/mo

Patriot Software is providing online software based on latest technology for small business owners in US since 2002. The company, a subsidiary of Charis Holdings LLC, specializes in Human Resource Management software, designed especially for the small businesses of US entrepreneurs. The company states that its mission is “to provide simple, accurate, and affordable online software that makes it easy for American small businesses to process their critical data.”

Patriot Software offers a large variety of software that can be helpful for entrepreneurs in managing their employee data with relative convenience and accuracy. Patriot Software has the following software available for small businesses:

  • Patriot PAY Payroll Software
  • TaxBeGone Payroll Tax Filing Service
  • Patriot TIME Online Time-Card Software
  • MY Patriot Online Employee Self-Serve Software
  • Patriot HR Online Employee Data Management Software
  • Patriot HIRE Applicant Tracking software

The company is currently providing the software in a number of different states, a list of which is available on their website. The company offers complete security of confidential data by bounding their employees through legal means in case of any negligence or fraudulent activities.

Patriot PAY Features

Patriot Pay online payroll software. TRY IT FREE

Patriot PAY is a small business payroll system that offers a number of lucrative features that can be extremely helpful for small business owners. Here is a list of some key features you can get in Patriot PAY payroll software:

· Easy Accessibility

Patriot PAY payroll software can be easily accessed from anywhere with an internet connection without installing anything. The system is also accessible through iPhone and Android, which helps you accomplish your payroll tasks from anywhere, at anytime you find convenient.

You can access the service as many times as you like in a day without having to pay any additional charges per visit. The service is available 24/7 for your use.

· Accurate Calculations

Patriot Software guarantees complete accuracy in their payroll calculations and also keeps track of any tax changes in your payroll system. In case of any miscalculations, Patriot Software guarantees to pay any resulting penalties or interest for you.

· Customization Options

You can customize your payroll structure according to your company policies and your convenience anytime. Patriot PAY offers the following customization options:

  • You can select more than one payment method that you want to use to pay your employees. The payment options available are cash, written or printed checks, payroll debit card and direct deposit.
  • You can customize your pay frequency; you can pay daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly etc.
  • You can create unlimited pay codes, both hours-based and dollars-based, for example, regular hours, overtime hours, vacation hours, bonus payments etc.
  • You can customize the overtime multiplier, your paycheck printout structure and any deductions or contributions by employee that is user-defined.

· Guaranteed Security

Patriot Software guarantees 100% security of your confidential data by taking active measures to ensure that their security is top-notch. They hire their employees after a number of background and reference checks and offer claims of up to $100,000 in case of any negligent or fraudulent act.

Their data centers are protected by camera coverage and manned security 24/7 and their servers are protected by firewalls. The connection lines work throughout the day with no failures and a speedy response to any technical failure is guaranteed.

· Patriot PAY Reports

Patriot PAY Payroll Software offers to create different types of reports regarding your payroll system like:

  • Payroll Register – Shows payroll details for all employees
  • Paycheck History – Shows payroll details for every individual
  • Check/Deposit Payment Detail – List all payment details chronologically
  • To-Date Entries – Show all Patriot PAY entries made to-date
  • Assigned Deductions – Show assigned employee payroll deductions for future
  • Deduction History – Show employee deductions within a specific pay date range
  • Assigned Contributions – Show all scheduled employer contributions
  • Contribution History – Show all employer contributions given within a pay date range

With all these features available with single software, it surely offers some great value for small business owners for managing their payroll.

Who Can Use It?

Patriot PAY software is specifically designed for small and medium-sized business owners operating in the USA. This service can be used by a company having 50 or less employees. The service can be customized easily for any industry or type of business.

Since the software is designed to help US businesses grow and flourish, it is only available in US territories. The service is available in 35 US states currently and will soon be available in several other states. A complete list of available states is provided by Patriot PAY on their website.

How You Can Get Started

Getting started for Patriot PAY online payroll services is easy; you simply have to create an account by signing up on their website. After you have created a client account, you can enter all the information about your employees and your past payroll history. Once the information is entered correctly, the service will start your payroll management immediately.

You may start using the services any time of the year, not just the start of the year. Patriot Software also provides a free guided demo of Patriot PAY which you can get at any time that is convenient for you.

Payment Structure

The payment structure for Patriot PAY is quite reasonable and very clear. There are no extra or hidden charges that you may have to pay. The company structures your monthly payment according to the number of employees, starting from as low as $10 a month for 1 employee and up to $32.63 a month for 50 employees. An easy-to-use price calculator is available where you can enter the number of employees you have and view the charges you are required to pay.

In-built Customer Support Program

Patriot Software provides complete guidance to their users. They have in-built payroll training articles, videos and help-screens to help their new users. For routine questions you can contact their Customer Service through phone or email without any additional charges. For more complex queries, they charge you a reasonable amount of fee.

Testimonials from Users

Patriot PAY has a lot of positive recommendations available for it. Chris Mayes of Christopher Homes states,

“With Patriot PAY, we’re saving so much over our old payroll provider, and I can run payroll right from home. I’m glad I made the switch!”

Connie Belcher, another user of Patriot PAY recommends the software in the following words,

“I searched for the perfect payroll software for hours and finally ran across Patriot Software.  What a joy it has been to actually find a company whose employees put the ‘customer’ back into ‘customer service.’  As the owner of As-Needed Bookkeeping, I needed software that was easily navigable and that fits the needs of each client I serve; I found everything I needed in Patriot.  Thank you for creating software that not only saves me time and money, but also enables my company to give the best possible service.”

Give It a Try!

If you are an entrepreneur looking for online payroll for small business, Patriot PAY payroll software is a much reasonable option than hiring a small business payroll company or an accountant for your business.

The software offer productive features at affordable prices. An added benefit is that the software can easily integrate with any other Patriot software giving you a complete package for your payroll management system.

The software is available for a seven-day free trial and there is no long term-commitment required; you can switch Patriot Software services anytime without any charges or security issues.

With all that value in one single place, it is always a good option to give it a go! I can advise you to visit their website, sign up for the free trial and get started!

Payroll Software Starts at $10! Try it FREE

Getting Things Done Review

Although I often claim to be a complete bookaholic, it is more the fictional world that appeals to me with very few non-fiction titles succeeding in grabbing my full-fledged attention. Getting Things Done by David Allen is certainly an exception and quite a remarkable one. So here I am, writing a Getting Things Done review for those who are looking for a dynamic way of managing their time and stress.

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a self-help book that emphasizes the point that the human mind cannot keep track of all the things they have to do and be productive at the same time. This calls for people to move these tasks out of mind and on to paper. When the mind is free from remembering what to do, it can solely concentrate on how to do it best.

It is a perfect guide to improve personal productivity. The book is highly advisable for budding entrepreneurs or small business owners who may have to wear too many hats at one time and are looking to manage their work life in a more systematic yet easy manner. This book can guide you how to manage your time while maintaining a work-life balance and be productive.

David Allen – The Personal Productivity Guru!

David Allen is currently a productivity consultant and the founder of David Allen Company, which is focused on productivity, executive coaching and action management. He is a graduate from University of California, Berkeley and has formerly worked as a personal growth trainer.

David Allen is best known for his book “Getting Things Done” in which he talks about a time management method he created known as the Getting Things Done, or “GTD”, system. This system is a regular part of his coaching efforts and his public seminars. His other written works include Ready for Anything: 52 Productivity Principles for Getting Things Done and Making It All Work: Winning at the Game of Work and Business of Life.

How the Book Works

The book provides two basic tips to get more productive:

  1. Capturing all the things that need to get done—now, later, someday, big, little, or in between—into a logical and trusted system outside of your head and off your mind; and
  2. Disciplining yourself to make front-end decisions about all of me “inputs” you let into your life so that you will always have a plan for “next actions” that you can implement or renegotiate at any moment.

The book is divided down in three major sections that discuss the art of getting things done, practicing stress free-productivity and the power of key principles of life.

Getting Things Done – Overview

David Allen suggests that things stay on your mind when you feel that you have left them unfinished or you may have forgotten to clear out something. You need to determine all those things that are somewhere in your mind, nagging you somehow and then get it all out of your head by noting them systematically.

Allen has proposed five stages of managing your workflow, to organize your time in a productive way, discussed throughout the book.

  • Collect – Collect all the things that you find stressful or you think you need to do and make a list of them.
  • Process – Decide if all those things that need to be done can be accomplished by you. If yes, then you can do it now, defer it for a later time period or delegate it to someone else. If the action cannot be accomplished, then you can drop it. If the action can be completed in less than two minutes, do it now and develop action plans regarding all the other things that need to be done later.
  • Organize – All those things that cannot be done immediately should then be organizes according to their importance and time availability and filed away for review later. If you cannot complete an action, you can drop it, file away for future consideration in a “tickler” folder or keep it for reference.
  • Review – This requires you to go through your folders and check which of your planned actions have been completed and which one still remains to be done. Add any new thing on your mind to this list. Process the ideas again and re-organize. Review should be done on a regular basis in order to be productive.
  • Do – Most important is to actually complete the actions that you have planned and not to keep piling them up. The key to doing things is prioritizing accordingly. If something is crucial, do it first but everything is equally important, just keep going through tasks one by one.

Several other techniques are discussed in the book that will help you in managing your tasks and completing them in a better way. A number of other work-management processes, organizing tactics and self-review and decision making models are introduced by Allen.

Useful Habits and Practices to Implement

Going through the book can make you adopt a number of useful day-to-day practices and habits like:

  • Always keep paper and pen with you to note down ideas as soon as you get them, in case you forget them later.
  • Always keep something that needs to be read or reviewed with you so that it can be done whenever you get some free time.
  • Make a habit of reviewing your calendar and action list daily in order to remember what actions need to be completed that day.
  • Review your “Projects” list and your “Waiting for” list at least once a week.
  • Once a week, gather new ideas and add them to your list.

The Good and the Bad

Getting Things Done has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the readers. All of them found it effective to some extent and have benefited from its methods. However, nothing can be perfect. Although the book is an excellent coach to manage time and stay productive in your busy day-to-day schedule, some people hold the opinion that the book is repetitive.

A number of ideas keep re-occurring and are repeating. The book may have been written more effectively with smaller page-count keeping in view how its audience cannot find enough time to read a book at all.

Reviews for the Book

In his review of Getting Things Done book, George Rodriguez writes,

”If you struggle with getting things done, keeping track of wave after wave of information crossing your desk or completing projects on time and don’t see an end in sight, this book can change your life.”

Another reader and review writer of the book, Terry Brock, claims,

“From my end, I can’t recommend it enough; it has helped me look at my work in a number of different ways.”

And long goes the list for positive reviews for the book. David Allen has provided some very useful and convenient guidelines for you to become an organized person.

How to Buy The Book

In the end, I will recommend you to go through the book once. It may not work for you completely, but there will certainly be parts of it that you will find extremely useful. The book proves to be an engaging read and it is worth the effort.

So, if you are looking to get your life more organized, manage your time efficiently and keep stress at bay all at once, this is the right book for you. You can get your copy of Getting Things Done from your nearest bookstore or you can order the book through online bookstores. If you find it more convenient, you can also purchase the Getting Things Done ebook.

Enjoy reading, and stay organized!

A Review of LegalZoom LLC Formation Services

Are you a business owner or budding entrepreneur trying to figure out how to form an LLC (Limited Liability Company)? Here is a service provider that can guide you through the process of forming an LLC with relative ease. Since a Limited Liability Company is an easier to form corporation, it is a very suitable choice for emerging entrepreneurs. Even if you are already running an organization as a sole proprietor or partner, you can convert your business into an LLC.

LegalZoom helps you set up your own LLC with relative convenience. It provides you with sound legal advice and proper documentation needed to register your business. It makes the process less expensive compared to attorneys, generally saving up to 85% of your cost.

So if you are looking to form a Limited Liability Company, you are likely to benefit from LegalZoom services. It is easy, quick and not so expensive. This review of their services and packages will likely prove beneficial for you in some way.

A Limited Liability Company

Before the actual review, let us develop a basic understanding of what an LLC is. A Limited Liability Company is a flexible, unincorporated association that provides limited liability to its owners blending together the elements of partnership and corporations. It is often a well-suited option for companies with single owners.

Unlike a sole proprietorship or partnership where an owner’s personal assets can be taken away for settling business debts, an LLC offers limited liability where the owner is not personally held responsible for any liability of the company.

What is LegalZoom?

LegalZoom provides online legal document services and general information on legal issues for small business owners and consumers, helping them create their own legal documents. LegalZoom has made legal matters much more convenient than ever before, ensuring that legal protection is given to everyone in a cost-effective manner.

They are currently offering a wide range of documentation services like setting up LLCs, incorporations, last wills & testaments and registering trademarks.

LegalZoom claims to have formed over 80,000 Incorporations and LLC’s and they have been doing more Last Will and Testaments and Trademark documents than anyone else in the world.

how to form an LLC

Who Can Benefit from LegalZoom

LegalZoom provides legal services at a low cost and with convenience. It generally targets small business owners, budding entrepreneurs and individuals looking for getting legal advice and documentation.

So, if you are looking for advice on how to form an LLC or you want to get your LLC registered promptly without paying huge sums of money to attorneys as legal fee, LegalZoom is the right place for you.

How to form an LLC with LegalZoom

LegalZoom has simplified what used to be a lengthy, difficult process for business owners into three simple steps:

  • Fill Out the Questionnaire – A simple questionnaire in available on the website of LegalZoom. You can fill out all the basic details regarding your business venture and your required provisions.
  • Filing of Documentation – You can create your documents through the LegalZip software. Once you are done, LegalZoom will file your Article of Organization with the appropriate state agency. They can even provide you with an operating agreement for your LLC.
  • Final Wrap-Up – After receiving your Article of Organization back from state, LegalZoom will deliver it to you with your complete LLC package including your operating agreement and membership certificates. You will also be provided with a list of steps you need to be aware of before proceeding further.

Pricing and Packages

The company charges as low as $99 for articles of incorporation unlike attorneys who may charge thousands for the same. LegalZoom offers three different price packages with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, providing refunds or future credit in case of any dissatisfaction. A review of their different packages is as follows:


For a low price of $99, a basic economy package offers you:

  • A preliminary LLC name clearance
  • Filing of Article of Agreement
  • Personalized operating agreement
  • Provisions regarding liability


A standard package, that can cost you up to $289, offers you additional features including everything in economy package as well as:

  • A deluxe kit with your company name embossed on it
  • Official company seal
  • Customized membership certificates
  • An online visibility package with PRWeb

Express Gold

It is an all-inclusive rush package offering you the best value with a lot of additional, beneficial features for a price of $359. In addition to all features of a standard package, it provides:

  • Priority rush service
  • Federal Tax Identification application
  • 30 day trial to Business Advantage Pro attorney plan
  • Important business forms
  • Free version of Sage 50 Pro accounting software

These prices are quite reasonable compared to other legal service providers. Keeping in view the package features and excellent customer service, LegalZoom provides you with the best value you can get while forming a Limited Liability Company.

LegalZoom is also very upfront about the prices of add-ons it offers. Each add-on is explained, telling you how much it costs and allowing you to decide, instead of opting in for you, even for the free add-ons.

Pros and Cons

Like everything else, the service has a number of pros and cons. To keep the review balanced, both things have to be considered.

Pros – The basic three benefits of using LegalZoom is that it is affordable, fast and offers attorney oversight, which makes it a very feasible option for simple legal matters.

Cons – There are however, certain downsides of using LegalZoom. The service is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. They are restricted by law to engage in any practice of law. Also, if your problem is complex, LegalZoom can not suffice for competent legal help.

However, there are a number of people who can find LegalZoom a beneficial choice for them regardless the cons.

Emphasis on Customer Service

LegalZoom has a well-maintained customer service department with over 150 personnel working for paperwork processing. They also offer a free review of documents by a specialist to ensure accuracy and completeness. When you are a novice working to set up an LLC, good customer service will be highly appreciated.

LegalZoom understand that its clients are new business owners or people who don’t have much experience in legal matters and cannot afford attorneys. They have made the process and the legal matters easy for everyone to understand.

Is It the Right Choice?

If you are wondering whether LegalZoom is the right choice for you or not, here’s a short answer: For simple and straight forward legal work it can be your best option.

However, if you have a complicated situation and feel apprehensive about it, you can get advice and documentation done through LegalZoom and get it reviewed by a paralegal.

The Customers’ Side of Story

Around 80% of the customers looking to setup an LLC have provided positive feedback for LegalZoom.

Mr. Neal Frankle, a Certified Financial Planner, also worked on an in-depth review of LegalZoom. He regards LegalZoom as an easy to use and trustworthy service.

Although a number of complaints regarding the processing time do exist, they seem to be minimal compared to the positive reviews.

Go For It

So, if you are looking for affordable online legal services, you should give LegalZoom a try. All you have to do initially is go and check their website. It is easy-to-use, provides sufficient guidelines and answers your queries adequately.

Since it provides you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is nothing you will lose in giving it a try!

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