Mobile technology has made business easier to run since entrepreneurs can still keep tabs on their company even if they are not in the office. I normally use my iPhone and iPad as a mobile office whenever I travel, which allows me to keep in touch with my clients, employees and business while on the road.

There are a number of applications that allow entrepreneurs to run their business even if they are not physically present in the office. Some of these

Whenever I go on the road for company seminars, speaking engagements, meetings with customers or vacations, I like to bring some of my work with me. I do not like to go back to the office faced with a lot of work to do after my trip. I also detest leaving work untouched for one month and pay for an accountant to sort out my finances. However, Expensify allows me to go through receipts through my phone. It also allows me to check on my credit card, upload receipts through my mobile device or through the internet and send them to Quickbooks, Evernote, Sales Force and other similar integrated applications that can be used online or through a desktop. Expensify can be used on Android-powered or iOS-powered devices.

Close a business transaction? With Dropbox, this situation does not have to occur. Documents are safely secured on Dropbox and they can be accessed whenever necessary through a desktop, tablet and smartphone at any location, anytime. Android and BlackBerry devices along with the iPad and iPhone can access Dropbox. It can even be accessed through a Kindle device. An additional 500MB of storage is also available for users of this application.

I am quite partial to Evernote, which I normally utilize during a meeting that I attend. The application is a vital component of my business. The application allows me to sketch designs for clients using an iPad with the Penultimate handwriting application. I can save these designs inside a folder on Evernote and immediately share it to my designers. It also allows me to snip web pages, record images and scan files while on-site. These files can also be saved inside a folder that is accessible to anyone who may need it. I can also record valuable notes that can be transcribed by Evernote into text that is searchable. This feature is quite useful whenever great ideas come to me at night. I can continue giving the benefits of using the application although you can also try to use it for yourself. Evernote can be use by all platforms.

The mSpy mobile tracking application gives users the capability of tracking calls, messages, chats, emails, internet browsing history, videos, images, events, and notes of a mobile device. The application also features an integrated GPS feature that provides users the capability of pinpointing the exact location of the mobile device. This will allow the device to be easily located in case it gets stolen or is misplaced. Data can also be remotely wiped and the mobile device can be remotely locked, which is a useful feature to guarantee that personal information is safe if the mobile device is stolen.

Quickbooks Mobile facilitates the creating of invoices as well as monitoring expenses and hours spent with the client. You will be able to track accounts using the app, which facilitates the generation of new invoices and viewing open invoices whenever necessary. Although it may not fill up a balance sheet, it makes it easier to monitor your accounts anywhere at any time. Quickbooks Mobile application can be accessed using an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

The Scanner Pro application allows users to scan receipts, documents, memos, or whiteboard notes before it merges all the pages into a single file. application can also be synched with iCloud. Sharing scanned documents is easy since they are saved as an Adobe PDF file. You will be able to sign contracts, scan them and transmit them immediately using this application. The Scanner Pro application can be used on an iPhone or iPad.


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