Stephen Richards Covey, one of the most renowned motivational authors of the world recently passed away. The overwhelming response to this news on social media channels was a true depiction of how many lives were affected by his book and how much he will be missed. His book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People remains one of the best guides for entrepreneurs for effective small business management.

Stephen Covey was an author, educationist, businessman and motivational speaker who wrote a number of self-help books. However, his first bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, became an epic success with more than 25 million copies sold worldwide.

It also holds the record for being the first non-fiction audio-book to sell more than one million copies. The book was translated and published in 40 languages worldwide, being included in the curriculum for different business schools and has changed lives of hundreds of people all over the world.

The book talks about 7 Habits that can change your personal and professional life to a great extent. For entrepreneurs who want to learn how to be a small business owner, this book can provide guidelines about what makes a successful business and how to be more effective and efficient in your small business entrepreneurship.

Here is a brief review of the seven habits discussed by Covey in his groundbreaking book. Read and understand how you can utilize them to become a successful entrepreneur:

1.Be Proactive

To accept your responsibility and take an initiative to make things happen is essential to gain success in your life. Determining what you can control and then acting accordingly can help you in reaching your end goal in a more effective manner. In order to get the results you want to achieve, it is important to initiate things and participate actively in them.

2.Begin With the End in Mind

Travelling without a destination is not a meaningful journey but a leisurely indulgence. While that might be relaxing, it is necessary for you to focus on your destination to make your business a success in true essence.

Before you start anything, determine where you want to be and what your ultimate goal is, and then formulate strategies to close the gap between your current position and your desired destination in the most resourceful manner.

3.Put First Things First

Prioritizing is the key to effective management. You need to plan out things according to the degree of their importance and the deadlines associated with them. A work done after deadline is no good, no matter how perfect it is, so complete things in the order they are required to be.

Create a schedule of each day and then work to keep that schedule in an efficient manner. Learn from your experience and complete what needs to be done, not what sound appealing to you to do first.

4.Think Win-Win

Try to find a win-win solution for each interactive situation you encounter. There is always a mutually beneficial solution to every problem. A win-win solution is reached through cooperative means and makes everyone associated with the decision highly satisfied and committed towards it.

It ensures that one person’s success is not at the cost of others. So, look for negotiations with your clients and employees such that they are not just good for you, but for all parties included.

5.Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

Effective communication is a two way process which needs that both parties understand each other in order to interact better. Understanding requires you to give time to others to express their ideas, needs and wants, and listen t what they are saying.

Listening and non-verbal cues are the most important aspects of any communication process. If you want to influence someone, you first need to understand them. So, learn what your customers want and then provide it to them.


Synergy means that the whole is greater than the sum of its part. It emphasizes the importance of team work. Different individuals who have mastered different skills can combine their efforts to reach the organization goals much more effectively.

Conflict in ideas and perceptions should be welcome since they add to your knowledge, giving a chance to learn from experience of others. A single individual have a limited scope of ideas, experiences and information. Hence, synchronized effort from a team is required for the growth of a business.

7.Sharpen the Saw

It is important to invest in your own personality, not just on the work front but in all other dimensions; physical, spiritual, mental and social/emotional, as well. To be effective in your work life, it is important to keep yourself and your employees refreshed and rejuvenated.

Indulge your employees in extra-curricular activities to keep healthy and active and think of creative ways to seek inspiration. Looking after yourself is important before you can look after a business, however small it may be.


Stephen Covey was one of the finest and highly inspirational authors. With his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People he has affected many lives around the globe, helping them become more effective in managing things.

For entrepreneurs, it can be helpful in understanding how to make a small business successful by following through the 7 habits of Covey. In general, reading self-help motivational books can help small business owners to be more productive and effective in their business management.

Google was once only a simple search engine – now it is much more!. When it became the biggest phenomenon of this time, providing you with information about anything on your fingertips, it also became a brand offering a number of other services making life more convenient than ever before for everyone. So, if you know how to use Google Calendar for business management, it is going to make things easier for you and save your valuable time.

One of the major issues for small businesses is the technological advantage large organizations have over them due to availability of funds. Technology is essential, but it is not always affordable for small businesses. This can be a major weakness in your business operations. Many companies are coming up with economical methods of making technology available for small business owners.

If you are a small business owner, Google Apps are what you need to cut back your costs of technology. Google is offering seven basic applications for business owners that are easy to use but powerful. These include Google Docs, Google Alerts, Google Readers, Google Groups, Google Voice, Google Analytics and Google Calendar for business use.

Google Calendar – How it can Help You

Google Calendar is a powerful time-management tool that helps you keep your schedule in control during busy business life. It also enables the business owners to track employee appointments and sharing appointments with staff when needed. If you have a Google account through Gmail, it offers you Google business calendar free.

It provides you with a number of advantages that can help you in organizing your business in a better way and increase your productivity by simple means. Here is a list why Google Calendar is essential for you if you are looking for increased productivity:


The major purpose of this application is to organize your schedule to better suit you. You or your employees can insert their appointments, make notes about them and set a suitable location. This can be helpful to track employee activity. Since the calendar can be shared, it also helps in scheduling meetings and conferences at a suitable time for all employees.


Another advantage of Google Calendar is that you can create a number of different calendars for different purposes and color-code them accordingly. You can share these calendars according to your suitability with people you want to; your family, friends, colleagues or everyone.


Google Calendar is compatible with mostly all other major calendars such as MS Outlook or mobile calendar applications. As long as you have an internet connection on your device, Google Calendar is accessible from any available platform. This is important for employees who travel frequently and also enables them to access their calendar after office hours.

Appointments and Website Calendar

Appointments can also be made conveniently. By using Google Calendar office hours can be arranged that suits both the employee and the client. Sharing the calendar with client can simplify making an appointment without a number of unnecessary calls and save time remarkably.

Google Calendar can also be shared on websites online, which helps you in sharing and scheduling any upcoming public events with your clients and handling payment reminders.


Google Calendar has the option to notify you prior to any upcoming events. You can receive notifications through texts, emails and pop-ups at a pre-decided time before any appointment, so even if you forget to check your calendar, you will not miss any important appointment.

Keyboard Navigations

Google Calendar can be navigated through a keyboard using a number of shortcut keys. You can select the day view, week view, month view, customized view or agenda view by using the d w, m, x and a keys respectively. Similarly, other shortcut keys are available to make the calendar as efficient as possible.

The calendar also offers the option for setting a series of repeat events for a specific or infinite time period to appear automatically. And the best part is that the application is completely free so you don’t need to worry about the cost at all.


Google Calendar is a very feasible option for small business and individuals to organize their daily activities, which is imperative. By using Google Calendar small business can save and manage their time efficiently.

It helps everyone associated with an organization stay on the same page and coordinate with each other. It also provides flexibility of arranging work hours and communicating any changes in schedule effectively to the concerned people in no time at all.

All in all, you can use Google Calendar for business purposes and keep your costs in check.

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